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An official India community for LJ [02 Jun 2008|04:26pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Greetings from LJ_India, the new official India community we’re piloting to connect all our India users.

We’re writing to invite you to take a first look at the Community (http://community.livejournal.com/lj_india/) as it’s launched and share your feedback. You’re, of course, under absolutely no obligation to join, but we’d be delighted if you did :)
Do join us at http://community.livejournal.com/lj_india/ and let's get this conversation started!

Cheers and thanks,

Team Blogworks for LiveJournal India


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Flooding in Vadodara [01 Jul 2005|01:37pm]


I've been watching the Hindi and Gujrati news (we have satellite T.V. here that allows us to watch several Hindi and/or Gujarati channels), and just saw a view of Vadodara and the floods.

I hope everyone is managing things there and that everyone (including your family members) are safe.

Take care, all.

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hiii frds a gift 4 u [01 Jun 2005|03:08am]

Hi baroda members …..
i am Rahul from bangalore.. like to join a happening community such as baroda
there are some gift for u from SPHINX

Today our group “SPHINX” is releasing two of our long lost songs that were recorded last year in our hostel. thanks to our Band members sutanu,animesh n charles_imp for their heavy interest and determination to achieve the destination:) .We recorded a lot of songs but most ended up on the cutting room floor. The song may not be polished because of unconditional recording facilities but these are the songs we‘re proud to upload them on the given links. So please give your feedback:))
thank u very much...

SPHINX - Na Bhulenge

SPHINX - Tum Ho Wohi

Joie De Vivre
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Hello from North America [15 May 2005|02:52am]


Hi all, I just wanted to stop by and say hello. =)

I'm a 16-year-old girl living in the U.S. who recently visited my family in India.  My sister (cousin sister) is getting married into Baroda in a day (!!), so it's good to see to see this community, especially since she's almost like an immediate sister to me.

Oh, and I miss Baroda very, very much.  I doubt I'll ever forget the first time I actually saw India out of the airport, with all the dizzying people, animals, and scooters zooming past me.  I never really saw Bombay, so my first sight of India--and my first impression of India in real life--was Baroda.  I went shopping there several times with my family members, who all live in nearby villages, as well, and I have some precious memories stored in my mind from then.  (Oh, and we refer it to the Vadodara name, mostly.  I was a bit embarrassed when I finally understood that they were both the same place, hehe.)

I'll keep visiting.  =)  Take care all.

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Proud to b a Barodian.... [29 Mar 2005|08:14am]
[ mood | cheerful ]


Woh room zoom ki pani puri, Woh ellora park ki chaat,
Woh Dairy Den ki ice cream, Wah usme thi kuch baat.

Woh Ambassodar ki mithai, Woh South Corner ka dosa,
Woh FNF ki pav bhaji aur Payal ka samosa.

Woh rikshaw ka 'suffer', Woh Sur sagar ki hawa,
Woh dutch roses ke kante aur Kamatibaug ka sama.

Woh december ki zara si sardi, Woh baarishon ke mahiney,
Woh garmi ki chuttiyan, jab chut-te they paseeney.

Woh holi ki masti, Woh navratri ka garba,
Woh diwali ke patakhe aur ganpati ka shor o sharaba.

Woh R.C. Dutt road ka mahol, Woh Fatehgunj ki leheren,
Woh doobte suraj ka nazara, Wah uska kya kehena.

Woh Muffins ke puff, Woh KOKA ki chai,
Woh Jagdish ke bhakarwadi, Woh mahadev ka "Sev Usal".
WOH RAju aur yusuf ki Omlet,

Woh bachpan ki yaaden, Woh gotion kaa khel,
Woh Sardar baug ke jhaadiyan, jahaa hothey they mel.

Woh Rajashree ka samosa aur National Plaza mein shopping,
Woh Sayajigung(homescience)ka nazara aur Concorde building.

Woh Alpana cinema ke queue, Woh black ki pink ticket,
Woh Polo club ka maidan, jahan bachche practice
karte hain cricket.

Itni cheezen kehene ke baad, aur kitni karoon mein abaad,
Yeh shehar hain mera apna, jiska naam hai
B A R O D A !!!!!!!!!!!!

A pakka Barodian.
Always Smile

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Good Ol' Baroda [29 Mar 2005|08:06am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Well stumbled across the baroda community and was rilly excited to c it... Made me nostalgic about my good ol' days in Baroda.. M a pakka Barodian but at the moment m in Philadelphia PA. I m a grad student at Drexel University...
I've been in Baroda eversince i remember till i came to US.. I did my schoolin in CJM and College life was spent bunking classes at MSU... That was a hell lot of fun....Well i so miss Baroda... Its a gr8 city with friendly ppl....
I Love Baroda...
On that note..

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MSU [17 Nov 2004|10:58pm]

Hi all,

I live in New York, US.
I am an 18 year old college student, female.
At my university we have extensive study abroad programs and I am almost 100% set on going to MSU in vadodara next fall semester.

What can you tell me about the cultural practices in India?

A little quiz for you guys, if you wouldn't mind helping me out?
-I know that English is an official language, but will I have a hard time communicating with people?
-Is the drinking water alright in Baroda?
-Is Baroda the name of the city, or Vadodara?
-Is the campus very closed-off, or does it have city-surroundings?
-Are many young women on campus at MSU?
-Should I be concerned to go out alone being an 18 year old female from the states?
-What types of customs/practices are in Baroda, or India in general. Is it polite to shake hands? To burp in public? To ask passersby for directions?
-Do you know what type of internet connection services are available at MSU?
-This may sound strange, but will my computer/plugs/outlets be compatible with those in India?
-Is it common for women to wear sari's or bindis? etc.
If i may say so, I am extremely cultured for an American, but I obviously dont wear traditional Indian clothes... and I dont know too much about the culture there.

Please respond.
If any other advice, my email address is sarah-beth@adelphia.net

P.S.- Do you all know of and like the author Arundhati Roy? I just love her book "The God of Small Things" and I went to see her speak when she came to my city (Buffalo) twice.

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Coming To Baroda [02 Nov 2004|09:30pm]

I will be in Baroda on 5th, 6th and 7th December.

Can plan a LJ meet if any Baroda based LJers are interested!
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What is the tour around Narmada called? [02 Nov 2004|06:41pm]

This post is not exactly related to baroda.. but to gujarat in general.. i just wanted to know what is that tour called where pilgrims do one round of Narmada? i had read about it in a gujarati text book in my 7th-8th grade (state syllabus) and was wondering what it is.. any ideas guys? :) thanks!
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Baroda, MI, USA [21 Oct 2004|12:24pm]

[ mood | content ]

There's a Baroda in Michigan, USA. It's my hometown.

The American Baroda has 652 residents, and is a community of farmers. Most people living there are employed in growing maize and grapes.

Just thought you'd like to know. :-)

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[14 Oct 2004|04:43am]

[ mood | crazy ]

After staying in Bangalore no one likes to stay anywhere. But one
thing which I like very much about Baroda is my favorite festival

It's really fantastic. Everything is same as before. Same atmosphere
and same group. One thing which has changed is timing. It's only up to
only 1:00am. Not up to 5:00 as before!

Today is the first day. And will start form 9:00.

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Beautiful Baroda [05 Oct 2004|02:57pm]

Baroda, also known as Vadodara, is the third-most populated town in Gujarat after Ahmedabad and Surat (the three towns with a population of over 1 million in Gujarat). It is located on the Visvamitra river.

It is the administrative headquarters of Vadodara district.

It is home to the beautiful Maharaja Palace and the Maharaja Sayajirao University (M.S.U.) which is famous for its fine arts department.

It is the second biggest city of Gujarat (after Ahmedabad), and known as its cultural capital.

Major industries include textiles, petrochemicals, engineering and a small but growing software industry.

While not having major tourist attractions, Baroda is generally considered a good place to live, and it has an interesting mix of traditional Indian areas like the old city, various temples, etc., and modern developments like shopping centres and multiplex cinemas.

History of Baroda ...Collapse )
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