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baroda's Journal

Baroda LiveJournal Community's Journal
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This is the community of LiveJournal users from Baroda and anyone who is not in/from Baroda but is interested in Baroda.

If you are new to Baroda or to LiveJournal, feel free to introduce yourself here. If you are just visiting Baroda and want to meet local LiveJournal users, this is the place to call for a get-together. We have irregular meetings every few days; larger meetings often happen when a LiveJournal user from out of town is visiting.

If you are posting to share something interesting, pause! Is it related to Baroda? If not, please don’t post it here. We consider these types of posts to be relevant:

1. Calls for get-togethers.
2. Introductions.
3. Announcements for events in and around Baroda.
4. Requests for information on resources in Baroda.

Feel free to stretch this list, but please don’t take it personally if your post is hijacked for community entertainment. Our moderation policy is passive. We delete spam and report spammers to the LiveJournal Abuse team, but will otherwise not censor anyone.

A Request: This community is still in its infancy. Please spread the word about this community and help it grow. - Thank you.
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